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Generate Project Acceptance Forms (PAFs) that on acceptance of the budget


Include payment schedules to automate billing

Track changes in the budget and create Project Change Notices (PCNs)

Step 1

The line in the sand

When a client accepts a budget, Procim facilitates the generation of a Project Acceptance Form (PAF), a contract type document that can be issued to the client. The PAF generally includes the agreed upon project budget and payment schedule as well as client terms and conditions. The agreed or signed off project (PAF) budget can be viewed from the project’s costing overview throughout the project’s life cycle, giving a permanent reminder of that line in the sand.

Step 2

Nothing’s ever that simple

Although a client may have signed off an agreed project (PAF) budget, the scope of work often changes and can lead to further amendments to the budget. Client driven change requests can become lost in a flurry of expenditure, with the risk being that the client is not notified of additional costs until the end of the project. This is often a leading cause of misunderstanding or friction in client relationships.

Step 3

Or is it?

Procim tracks changes to the budget throughout the life cycle of the project, facilitating and encouraging a process which immediately notifies clients through the automated creation of client-friendly Project Change Notices (PCNs). Once signed off or agreed, PCNs are immediately reflected in the project’s costing overview page as part of the approved (working) budget, giving project teams an instant understanding of the expected final billing for the project.

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