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Project Budgeting

Procim streamlines and controls the budgeting process. A unique and powerful, formula-free, multi-user interface helps prevent budgeting mistakes so you can concentrate on increasing profit margins. Along with a host of revenue driving features, you can easily and quickly create new or different budget scenarios, include optional elements, and automate the generation of an estimate for your client.


Simple and flexible scheduling and management functions help plan projects, holidays, and people. You're secure in the knowledge that your budget timelines,  detailed activity plans, and resource assignments work together to provide true visibility of the allocation and availability of your staff. 


Procim helps predict costs and gain a much better understanding of future margins. With line by line automated cost reporting, you can not only quickly identify cost overruns against budgeted items, but also implement a purchasing workflow to ensure that appropriate approval is given for specific expenditure.

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Time & Expenses

Procim’s includes a weekly timesheet interface as well as a mobile friendly Time Board which gives users the power to easily enter and manage time on the go. Both time and expenses entered are tracked against budgeted line items to provide the detail required for proper personnel utilisation and client servicing analysis.


The Project Acceptance Form (PAF) is an important document within Procim as it records and allows for the sign off of the budget and any payment schedule agreed with your client in a contractual document. The Project Change Notice (PCN) helps formalise and track changes made to the budget.

Billing & Invoicing

Stay on top of your finances with Procim’s automated billing notifications. With Procim, you can create a billing schedule for each project with email reminders sent when it’s time to invoice. Billing items can be created based on your agreed PAF payment schedule, budget elements or simply on time spent, and drives the creation of your invoices.


Reconcile budgets as you go. As each purchase order, purchase invoice, timesheet or expense is raised within the system, Procim allows you to compare that cost against what was originally budgeted and easily identify cost overruns. If you've spent more than planned, then as a part of the reconciliation process, Procim facilitates the creation of a PCN to allow to when appropriate, charge your client. 

Sales Forecasting

Set targets and forecast sales with Procim’s integrated forecasting function. With full visibility of targets, pipeline projections and actuals, you have the power and the insight to make better decisions. Customisable, visual dashboards and integrated analysis key functionality helps bring your data to life. 

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Procim includes comprehensive reporting capabilities. Predefined reports provide you with unprecedented insight into all aspects of your business operations. Visual report builders allow you to analyse not only project revenue, costs and margins at both detailed budget line and summary level, but other aspects of your business operations such as project and personnel servicing and recovery. Save and publish reports to allow these to be shared between users. Create charts and include these within dashboards for a more visual analysis.

Workflow & Security

Implement company wide and project specific workflows. Automated email approvals and notifications keep everyone on track, ensuring that your business requirements are reflected in the process flow for all project driven aspects of your business. Prevent risks associated with unsanctioned costs and accidental overspend.


Procim seamlessly integrates with external finance, CRM and expense management systems to avoid unnecessary duplication of work. We’re dedicated to ensuring our users are always armed with the best possible tools so please feel free to contact us about other possible integrations.

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