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Workflow & Security

Automate email approvals and notifications to keep everyone on track

Implement internal approval procedures to reduce the risk of unauthorised overspend

Secure, automated workflow

Secure, automated workflows provides project team members with the freedom and space to do their work autonomously while keeping management informed and in control. The system streamlines communication, providing timely and comprehensive information on projects and profitability, meetings can finally be used for brainstorming rather than time consuming manual information gathering.


Reduce risk

One simple mistake can turn into thousands of pounds of lost revenue, but with Procim’s secure notification and approval workflow, this risk is greatly reduced. It’s quick and easy to approve budgets, costs and documents.


Streamline processes

Client facing documents can be approved quickly and efficiently, and then sent on from within the system, ensuring clients always receive accurate and well-presented information. Procim sends email notifications for all major actions, helping nurture a harmonious environment that encourages collaboration and efficient planning.   For enterprises, the security and workflow procedures can be applied either at as a top down approach at a global level or from the bottom up, streamlining processes across your entire enterprise.

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