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Who We Are

We are I.T. Associates Limited, the software company behind Procim. Formed in 1989, we initially specialised in the development and application of technical transport planning and simulation models on internationally funded, foreign assistance projects.  


After several years working primarily overseas we, in the early 90's, started offering technical and development expertise to companies in the UK, particularly in the events industry.   Out of a close collaboration with our clients, the requirement for a highly functional, and fully integrated project budgeting and cost tracking software application was identified and by the turn of the century, early versions of a software that addressed this need was being used by a major international creative agency.   


ln 2005, after a period of intensive development, the very first version of Procim was deployed as a complete web based application at a time when this was still quite rare.  Since then, Procim has evolved, and now addresses all aspects of a project's life cycle, supporting the needs and process flows of a wide variety of project driven businesses.


We have a keen focus on our clients’ needs and the success of Procim in their business. In order for clients to get the most out of Procim, we are active participants in the implementation process and offer an unrivalled level of training and support to all our users.



Our Values

Commitment to our Clients

We are committed to our clients. Committed to offering the highest level of support and service. Committed to going that extra mile to satisfy our clients’ needs. Committed to always being there to help. Committed to doing all we can to help our clients grow their companies in the best way possible.


Integrity and Honesty

We hold ourselves to the highest levels of integrity both in terms of our internal practices as well as in the way that we interact with our clients. We believe that integrity and honesty should be a part of the DNA of our company.


We always strive to ensure that our products and services are constantly evolving, driven by our clients, and developed to the highest possible standard. We take great care with our product development, with a level of detailed thinking in order to provide solutions that work for our clients now and for the future.

Diversity and Equality

We are a diverse company and have a strong belief in equality. We believe that we are all equal regardless of ethnic origin, colour, gender or sexual orientation. We don’t believe that one human is better than another due to “social status”, where they were born or educated. We are inclusive rather than exclusive, and will actively oppose prejudice of any kind.


Although we believe in a fair reward for our products and services, we don’t believe that we exist as a company just to make a profit or that it is the most important thing. We have a fundamental belief that our products will help our clients. We believe that we should act with compassion when dealing with others whether this is on a personal basis with our employees, colleagues and partners or in our dealings with our clients. Family values is a fundamental element of our company ethos.

Our Passions

Children’s Welfare

We sponsor children’s education through the Every Child Free From Fear campaign. We also get to send (what we hope are) inspirational stories to help motivate them through the schools we’ve sponsored.


We offer Procim for free to universities and colleges as an educational tool. Call us or head to our academics partnerships page for more info.

Fitness and Healthy Eating

Incentives, nearby gym memberships and healthy eating competitions are the chocolate sprinkles on top of our happy company culture.


We love adding to our blog. Drop us an email if you have any blog related input (criticism counts!). Feel free to submit editorials and we’d love to do some guest blogs.

Social Media

Add us on Twitter and LinkedIn for expert industry advice and general shenanigans.

Hiring You?

Office fruit, happy outings and a lot of love. If you’d like to join our team please head to our careers page.

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