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Effectively control costs and gain a better understanding of margins

Quickly identify cost overruns against budgeted items

Pro-actively manage overspend with integrated workflow and approval processes

Improve and standardise your puchasing process

Review costs against budgeted lines

Procim facilitates the creation of purchasing documents including purchase orders, purchase invoices and credit notes as well as internal charge documents.  What sets Procim apart from many purchasing or procurement systems is the fact that all costs are recorded against individual line items within a budget. Costing data is automatically rolled up to provide project managers a vital, instant overview of actual expenditure against budget and the overall project bottom line.


Control expenditure

Streamlined and comprehensive approval procedures based on pre-defined business rules, allow for complete control of the purchasing process, ensuring that all expenditure falls within set purchasing parameters and is properly authorised.


Create POs from freelancer timesheets

Procim incorporates specific functionality for handling freelancer costs. Time recorded by freelancers against multiple projects can be automatically converted to purchase orders against which freelancer invoices can be raised and matched reducing the administrative burden of allocating costs to projects.

Automatically create and match purchase invoices

Purchase invoice creation is in most cases driven from and automatically matched to purchase orders, reducing significantly the time required if it were entered manually.  

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