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Resource Management

Plan operational activities and timelines for projects

Review resource availability and assign resources at different stages of a project

Identify and understand resource capacity gaps

Long term forecasting 


When budgeting for a project that may be several months from commencing, its difficult to accurately assess the detailed resourcing requirement.   Procim however provides simple functionality to allocate resources and distribute time while budgeting, providing valuable long term forecasts of resourcing requirements and capacity bottlenecks.


Detailed operational timeline planning and resource assignment

For larger projects or as a project draws closer, a more detailed operational assessment of timelines and resourcing may then be required.   Procim's Project Activity Planner, is a planning tool that facilitates the operational management of projects including detailed project timeline planning, work estimation and resource scheduling, all through a rich graphical interface with drag and drop functions.  Activities created within project plans define the detailed tasks or items of work that need to be completed. Operational estimates of hours entered against those activities can be reviewed against the original financial budget.

Review availability


Availability information is only as good as the resource allocation and timeline data entered, however when assigning resources, its important to be able to quickly identify appropriate resources and their availability.  Procim's Resource Availability View helps visualise the availability information for personnel resources. This ensures that the best person is assigned to an activity by providing a quick and easy method for deciding who might be free to satisfy a requirement and to assign the appropriate person to an activity within a budget or project plan.


Activities and assignments

When managing resources,  its important to be able to drill down to their activities and assess timelines.  Procim's Personnel Activity Planner complements the Project Activity Planner and provides in addition to availability information, an easy and instant overview of projects and activities to which a person or members of a team have been assigned within a specified period.

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