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Sales Pipeline and Forecasting

Set sales targets based on historic data

Analyse sales data based on forecast types

Include target forecasts

Set sales targets

Procim's integrated sales forecasting provides users with the ability to enter sales targets and with all data held in Procim, performance data for previous years can be used to inform the process.  Financial performance can be tracked against different types of forecasts such as line of business or client account manager.


Distribute budgeted revenue and costs in time

Functions such as  project segments facilitate the distribution of budgeted project revenue and costs.  Actual costs are in addition captured against sales periods and can provide management with vital cash flow related information.  This data is then fed through to corresponding sales forecast periods that are an integral part of the overall sales forecast reporting function.

Understand your pipeline

By recording opportunities and projects at pitch stage with a measure of certainty, provides the data necessary to get a true understanding of your sales pipeline.   Most importantly, you have the ability to track how those opportunities and projects convert to actual revenue.

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