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Jack Morton Worldwide

Jack Morton’s London office have worked with I.T. Associates (the creators of Procim) for many years. As a result, they’ve long been aware of the significant benefits of using formalised processes for budgeting, client estimate creation and cost control. After close consultation with London, the Australian office of Jack Morton decided to implement Procim.

Business rule requirements were laid out over a two month period and exact structures for the project budgeting templates were examined and finalised. This was followed by a period of training and post rollout support.

Procim’s project reconciliation abilities were further developed as a result of detailed discussions and were enhanced to include the following:

  • Reconciliation reporting to identify budgeted line items where costs had exceeded budget and to highlight potential adjustments to client charges.

  • The ability to reconcile at individual line item or task level with the automatic adjustment of charges to be billed to the client based on a comparison between expected and actual costs.

  • The generation of a final project change notice (PCN) with the automatic insertion of additional charges to be billed based on the reconciliation process.

  • The final presentation to the client of a revised client estimate that details any PCNs raised .

The success of Procim in Australia was followed by implementations of the software in Jack Morton’s Hong Kong and China offices, both of which had detailed internal reporting requirements along with regional regulatory nuances that needed to be met by the software. In the many years since, Procim has been implemented in North America, Dubai, Germany, Singapore, Shanghai, Seoul, Australia, Brazil and across the entirety of Jack Morton’s worldwide organisation to great success.

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