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Project software that works

Over the years Procim has evolved to become instrumental to the success of project driven businesses. To start with, it not only helps manage projects but provides an ability to increase profit margins through improved and up-to-the-second project information.

​But Procim is bigger than profit margins. It’s a shared project environment that improves workflow, makes your project team work more efficiently and allows seamless collaboration – it standardises project based business processes, helps deliver best practice, and ensures quality control across every project at every phase.


Years of collaboration with our users means we see things from your point of view – the result is project software that really works for you.

Secure and manage profit margins

Control third party expenditure

Prevent accidental overspend

Drive revenue growth

Optimise resource and employee time

Accurately track time and cost against budget

A Secure Platform for Growth

Secure Budgeting


and Cost Control

Procim guides and controls the budgeting process, while providing complete visibility across all projects. Multi-user and multi-currency, Procim takes the stress out of the budgeting process through the use of budget templates and client driven rate cards. Track budgeted versus actual costs and gain sight of cost overruns as soon as these arise.

project budgeting.jpg

Resource Management

Visualise your team's collaborative powers

Simple, flexible resource scheduling and management. Plan projects, people, holidays and overtime secure in the knowledge that everything’s rooted in the budget, so you’ll always be aware of how your use of resources are affecting your bottom line.

Everything Else

Turn mountains into molehills

Every project runs within Procim. Purchasing, Timesheets & Expenses, Reconciliation, Billing Schedules & Invoicing, Forecasting, Reporting, Workflow & Messaging, Procim takes care of it all.

everything else.jpg


All your favourite tools working together

We integrate with external Accounting, Finance, CRM and Expense Management systems to provide a seamless workflow and avoid unnecessary duplication of work.

Used Globally

The inspiration behind Procim came from our clients, and the software is now used across five continents by large and small companies, single offices and global enterprises.


Our clients specialise in events,  experiential marketing, corporate communications, design, marketing, advertising, film, TV & video production, PR, exhibitions, web/software development, consulting and engineering.

2022 Procim Client Logos_edited_edited.j

Ghassan Kassab, COO, Blink Experience.

“Procim is an excellent tool and has refined the way in which we communicate both with our clients and operationally within the business at Blink. As a platform it drives efficiency and has been a key asset in connecting and standardising our international agency network on one system.”

Jeremy Read, Commercial Project Manager, Brandfuel.

“Investing in Procim has been a prudent business decision; we are already beginning to see a return on investment after the first six months.”


Alexander Astore, Cost Controller, Filmmaster.

“Procim is an extremely user-friendly tool, suitable not only for properly managing all the logistic and financial aspects in the Event business field, but even for TV/Cinema Production companies or any other related business. Everything can be customized in coherence with the specific needs of the company, and the support coming from Procim is always efficient and on time. You never feel alone when you face something that requires consultation. I strongly recommend it.”


Azim Sunderji, Director of Finance, Jack Morton.

“Procim is an excellent scalable project management tool that integrates multicurrency costing and reporting with accurate profit forecasting.”

Next Steps

First, we show you how Procim works and ask about your business needs.


We can provide a demo site so you and your team can trial the software.


Then, you'll get a unique proposal that suits your specific needs


Once you’re happy and have subscribed, we begin implementation.


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