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5 Ways Procim Creates a Happier Environment

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

1. Empower your project managers with the freedom they deserve

With Procim, project managers create budgets and allocate resources without management intervention. Budgets are approved using an automated approval routing system leaving project managers and creative staff free to be innovative while management retain necessary control and visibility without feeling like they’re interfering.

2. Effective budgeting in a collaborative environment

Budgeting with spreadsheets can get very frustrating, especially where formulas get overridden. It’s even more frustrating when multiple team members need to work on a single budget. Apart from the frustration of having to wait your turn, one person’s changes can often become muddled with another’s. Procim is accessed through an online multi-user platform, giving everyone the chance to work together seamlessly no matter where you are in the world.

3. Reduce resource overbooking and overworking

Overworked employees is common in most industries, and event planning and film production is no different. This is often by accident but remains a problem, nevertheless . Procim provides resource managers with full visibility of upcoming projects and resourcing demands, removing the difficulty of effectively allocating resources and reducing instances of overbooking. And where overworking is reduced, this leads to a happier environment.

4. Less paper pushing

With a range of automation capabilities, Procim users are free to spend their time on what really matters. Purchase orders, sales invoices, cost reports and a plethora of reporting and official documentation are automated, leaving users with more space and time to do the creative work that is important to them.

5. No duplication of work

Procim with its streamlined functionality reduces the need for duplicated data entry, so users know all the work they’re doing is of value and this in turn makes them happy. Accounting, CRM and Expense packages all integrate with Procim, allowing information to flow freely and safely from one system into the other.

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