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Collaborating remotely with Procim

At this difficult time, staying connected has never been more important. With Procim, you can more easily collaborate on and work on projects alongside your project team. Today's article will highlight a range of benefits you can take advantage of while on lockdown. We hope you're okay, staying safe and keeping sane in these strange times.

Access from home

Since Procim is web based, you can access it from anywhere, including your home! All you need is your company specific Procim URL, your username and your password. This flexibility ensures Procim works great for moments just like this. You can still work on your budgets, PO's and everything in between, from your Procim site.

Collaborate, share and increase efficiency

With the right tools in place, remote working won’t necessarily lead to a drop in productivity. By having all information in one place and streamlined, there are fewer barriers to working effectively.

The ability to see and work with project budgets and actual costs, as well as allocate resources, it’s easier to get up to date information.

It’s vital to get a clear understanding of your project budgets, and there’s no better tool to help you do that than Procim. With line by line budgeting, personalised client and supplier rate cards, and actual cost updates, each user will have a clear understanding of the future project costs, and how to stay within budget.

While you may not be able to see your team at their desks, features such as the Personnel Availability tool gives you the ability to see who’s free from your team and better plan future project work.

In-built workflow functionality allows documents and information to be routed for approval based on access levels.

Procim’s ease of access and collaborative nature ensures your team can work to the top of their abilities despite the separation, allowing your project team to work more efficiently, stay connected and in the loop, while working from home.

Better reconciliation

Procim facilitates better and more informed decision making when reconciling projects. With visibility of all costs against each budgeted line, you can see where money has been spent and where it hasn't, and then use that information to best decide whether your client can or should be charged for any overspend.

Procim also includes a range of reports to help with reconciliation including: ​

· revenue vs cost report

· detailed project reconciliation report

· billing and cost details

· time analysis reports

· costing analysis

Plan future work

There's no better time to look at your sales pipeline and get a better grasp of what the future might hold. Procim helps you understand and forecast sales by recording opportunities and projects prior to and at pitch status. The ability to specify the likelihood of winning new project work or of projects going ahead, allows you to forecast in a more scientific way how those opportunities and projects may convert to actual revenue.

As more and more data is held within Procim every year, that historic performance data helps you to create accurate, informed sales targets for the future. Project segmenting functionality enables the distribution of budgeted project revenue and costs in time. Actual costs are also captured against segments and sales periods, providing management with the tools necessary to understand how financial projections compare with actual performance. Specific sales forecast reports can be built based on your unique needs.

Improve workflows and business practices

Many of our clients are taking this opportunity to establish new business processes and workflows that create more robust and efficient work practices for the future. It's often difficult to find the time to put new systems in place, but if you feel now is a good time, book a free demo with one of our consultants.

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