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Simplify Credit Card Expense Management at Your Creative Agency

Managing expenses has long been a notorious source of frustration for both event personnel and management.

Procim users have for some time however, been able to take advantage of functionality to keep track of expense related costs. As expenses are managed against lines within a budget, costs are clearly visible, overruns are less likely, and reconciliation is made easier, providing full control of project finances.

More recently, new functionality has been added that allows credit card statements to be uploaded and imported into Procim through a “csv import” facility, further simplifying the process and dramatically reducing the need for manual expense entry.

Here are some key highlights of the credit card expense import facility.

A format that works for you

Credit card statements downloaded as a csv file can now be uploaded into Procim with little manual intervention. Before setting up csv importing rules, you’ll provide us with an example of your banks standard credit card statement, and we’ll work with that, ensuring that minimal effort is needed to upload future files to Procim.

Overview, a step by step guide of how it works

Step 1: Users spend money on a credit card.

Step 2: Finance download the credit card statement as a csv file.

Step 3: Finance upload it to Procim. If there are multiple users on the same csv file, as is likely, Procim will automatically filter them and allocate the right expenses to the right person.

Step 4: A user, after logging into Procim, will see a list of expense items based on their expenditure on the credit card. The user then allocates each expense transaction to an appropriate line within a project budget using a simple and intuitive user interface.

Step 5: Finally, the user can review the expense form containing individual allocated transactions and submit this for final approval.

Keeping management in control

Management no longer need wait for users to manually enter expenses. Furthermore, submitting expense reports on time can speed up project reconciliation which will help creative agencies stay in control of their internal cash flow and provide their clients with more accurate estimates.

In-depth reports can be generated to help guide important decisions. With Procim, everything is connected, so expenses are managed as part of a whole, more connected and visible workflow.

What next?

If you’ve already got Procim, email and ask for a demo of the new csv importing feature. We’ll be more than happy to show you how this new feature could be incorporated in your current processes.

If you or your agency haven’t as yet subscribed to Procim, book a demo to find out how Procim can increase the profitability of your creative agency and create a connected workflow.

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