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Project Management Software for Film, TV and Video Production Agencies

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

The application of project management techniques to film, TV and video production has been thus far been underutilised. Agencies predominantly focus on creative processes, rather than effective project management. This to some degree, includes the appropriate utilisation of specialised project management software that focuses on improving efficiencies and controlling costs.

Traditionally software designed for film and video production agencies has focused on assisting with the construction of storyboards, call shots, script breakdown, and so on. However, agency software that addresses core project management, as well as complex budgeting and costing requirements are few and far between. Procim is designed to fill this gap.

Procim is ideal for creative, film, TV and video production agencies and provides structured budget creation and management, easily accessible cost updates, resource management, timesheet and expense capture in a way that encourages efficiencies in both employees and freelancers. It helps companies improve and manage profit margins, manage resources, create a strong agency workflow and improves visibility across revenue and cost streams. It helps agencies achieve strong profitability and a stable platform for growth.

Procim as a film and video budgeting software

Procim gives producers and line managers the best possible tools to budget for and manage costs across all stages of production, from commissioning to editing. It is cloud based, multi-user and multi-currency and comes with predefined budget templates that include Pre-Production, Casting & Talent, Production, Post-Production, Expenses, Travel and Accommodation costs. Cost reporting, budget revision snapshots, estimate comparisons and optional additions all work seamlessly with resourcing and purchasing capabilities.

Procim prevents mistakes, tracks costs and in turn increases profit margins. With a highly flexible budgeting environment, producers feel secure in their ability to stick to delivery commitments. Actual costs are automatically updated in the budget as they are raised, giving producers an instant overview of costs to date. Procim integrates with various financial and accounting applications and where this is implemented, costs automatically flow across to prevent unnecessary duplication of work.

Effectively manage time costs

Tracking minutes and hours may seem unnecessary to some, however when charging hourly for services it’s important to stay profitable and prevent over-servicing. The amount of work put in by an employee may not be reflected by the amount paid for services by clients, yet it will negatively impact on profit margins.

With freelancers, the consequences of over-servicing are more direct. When a freelancer works many more hours than originally projected, there is often no option other than to absorb the cost and take a profit hit. Over-servicing eats into productivity and profitability with startling speed.

Procim’s time and expense capture are fully integrated with production budgeting features, resource management and a strong project lifecycle to provide a more in-depth understanding and visibility of over-servicing.

A stable platform for growth

Procim provides your agency with a stable platform for growth. The software is continuously being improved and fine-tuned in a way that aligns with our client needs.

Procim is an extremely user-friendly tool, suitable not only for properly managing all the logistic and financial aspects … for TV/Cinema Production companies ... Everything can be customized in coherence with the specific needs of the company, and the support coming from Procim is always efficient and on time. You never feel alone when you face something that requires consultation. I strongly recommend it.” - Alexander Astore, Cost Controller, Filmmaster

Book a demo today to find out how Procim can help your film, TV or video production agency grow.

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