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Procim Release New Mobile Friendly Time Board

Is time always running away from you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Managing your own time is a difficult feat surpassed only by trying to manage everyone else’s time. Urgent emails, important meetings, less important meetings and the occasional attempt at a lunch break all get in the way of working on and completing projects.

Managing everyone else’s time comes with its own range of additional problems. If your company bills clients for hours spent, tracking time is a vital part of your businesses health. Yet, project managers get stuck spending unnecessary hours hunting through freelancer invoices trying to figure out who needs to be billed and by how much. That’s why integrated project management and time tracking software exists.

If you’ve got timesheet software, you’ll already be aware of the benefits of having an organised multi-user process for time tracking. However, a lot of the software out there isn’t fully integrated, which creates a friction between resourcing and time tracking. On top of that, timesheets can become irritating and difficult meaning they aren’t filled in, leaving management with little knowledge of the actual figures.

When software integrates project management and time tracking in one online environment, time allocation works with the tracking of hours to give both creatives and management a smooth workflow. Everything is tracked from within one system, so while management get access to a wealth of data, team members don’t have to learn how to use multiple systems and aren’t weighed down by unnecessary admin. Accurate reporting provides insights across the business and project rather than in just one specific field, creating a holistic understanding of your business and strengthening decision makers.

So, how do you get your creatives to actually fill in their timesheets?

You use their phones.

Procim have just released a new mobile timesheet WebApp as part of our fully integrated project software. Integrating mobile time tracking software with desktop project management software gives your creatives the chance to update their timesheets on the move from wherever they are. Procim already has resourcing features that allows you to allocate people to tasks. With the mobile WebApp, people can choose the activity they want to work on and from there it’s just a matter of entering how many hours. Or, if they’re not sure how long they’re going to spend on each activity, they can use the Procim stopwatch to track their hours for them. Here’s the low down on what the new integrated timesheet mobile WebApp is and how it’s going to create an even smoother working environment.


As mentioned the new time tracker and integrated stopwatch are mobile friendly, making it easy and fuss free to track your time.


You can now use Procim to track your time by simply clicking start and stop on a stopwatch in your app.

Activity Planner and Actions

When resourcing, Procim’s Activity Planner lets you allocate people to assignments. In the new mobile WebApp, users will be able to quickly add time to any assignments they’ve been allocated to. If you assign someone to an activity, a booking will show up on their mobile friendly time board. This makes it incredibly easy to for both management and team members to track and organise time and workloads.

Forgot something?

If you forget something after the timesheets have been completed, you can just go back and allocate time to budgeted items. With Procim’s integrated project management and time tracking software, you get complete control over your submissions, ensuring cost visibility is always up to scratch.

Enter Time Daily or Weekly

However you track your time, Procim keeps you in control down to the last minute.

Time Analysis

More data means more accurate analyses. Having access to such an easy way to enter time means creatives won’t cower away from clunky software, giving management and Procim all the data they need to run an optimised happy work environment.

Project Budgeting and Cost Control

It is our mission at Procim to empower creatives with the right tools to take control of their projects. It should come as no surprise then, that the new mobile WebApp works with Procim’s project budgeting features to gain immediate cost visibility. In your project costing reports, submitted timesheets will immediately affect actual time cost, providing you with the ability to catch and control potential project overspends, keeping you and your team in control of your project’s profitability.

Book a demo to find out what Procim’s new integrated project management and time tracking software can do for you.

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