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How Project Process Automation Software Can Help Reduce Cortisol Levels

The power of organisation

Evidence suggests that hiring a cleaner will make you a happier person. Darby E. Saxbe, Ph.D., and Professor of Psychology Rena Repetti used linguistic analysis software to discover that people with tidier homes have lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is your stress hormone, you know that nagging feeling of unease and irritation even though everything’s going fine, the feeling that makes you snap at your partner for not taking the dog out even though you didn’t really care that much and kind of wanted a walk anyway, that’s your cortisol. The same works the other way around, ever had something unpleasant occur without you feeling the anxiety attached, you can see this is a stressful situation, but you’re more focused on resolving the problem and generally feel quite relaxed throughout, leading to a better outcome. Cortisol affects lives without anyone noticing a lot of the time, having dodgy levels of cortisol can govern your emotions and those increased levels of stress often lead to a wide range of health problems. What Saxbe and Repetti found was that the state of your home affects these stress hormones; when your house is messy, it can heighten your stress levels and create health problems, when it’s tidy, you feel happier in your relationships and less neurotic.

Paying for productivity

However, why does that mean you should have to spend your one Sunday a week cleaning the house? Ashely Williams and Michael Norton at the Wall Street Times found that people “feel happier when they pay to save time than when they buy something nice for themselves”. So not only does having things organised make you happier, so does paying someone else to do it. In fact, Elizabeth Dunn, UBC psychology professor says it’s still a good decision to outsource your cleaning even “if you don’t have tonnes of money”. If you’re paid £10 an hour, spending four hours on your Sunday cleaning comes up to £40. That’s four hours you could have spent learning a profitable new skill or just resting so you know you’ll be at your optimum productivity level for work on Monday.

Organised businesses encourage efficiency

It’s worse for businesses, businesses are physically, rather than just theoretically, paying for time spent labouring over disorganised processes. Employees are using outdated spreadsheets to plan all their work. Handing over administrative and organisational tasks to an intelligent project process automation software made specifically for the creative industries liberates teams to work together in an organised collaborative environment. Letting the software take control of lowering costs, driving revenue and increasing profit leaves everyone free to work on what they’re passionate about.

Small businesses

The same applies to small businesses, paying for something that’s going to save countless hours and massively boost productivity is never going to be a bad idea. It’s a shame that some software companies have demanded the same of small businesses as of large ones, and that’s the great part about Procim’s cost being calculated by individual licence, you only pay for what you need.

Stop letting your employees waste their time with repetitive tasks when project process automation software can do it for you.

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