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How the Cloud has Revolutionised Small to Medium Project-Based Businesses

Procim’s resource planning and management software has been hosted on the cloud for a number of years now, so we’ve had the privilege of watching how key companies have transformed since moving their budgeting processes on to the cloud. Dan Cordingly, CEO at Teradici, told Forbes that “just about every enterprise CIO has cloud migration and security in their top strategic mandates”, and we’ve seen the benefits of this strategy time and again in the increased profit margins of our clients once they make the transition. But why has migrating processes onto the cloud made such a difference in profit margins?

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It’s More Secure

For smaller businesses. Unless you have a team of network security officers at your disposal, your data is probably at risk. Think of network security as housing. If you’re a small business, you’ve probably hired someone to put a system in your house to protect it. The system gets installed and you hope it’s going to stop any robbers coming to get your grandmother’s engagement ring. You know it’s a good system for the price, but as the criminal class becomes more and more innovative at turning the alarms off, and as you can only afford to improve the system every few years, there’s a lot of leeway into which a skilled thief can come and take what they like. What if there’s a community down the road with professional security and huge brick walls?

Let’s say a team of particularly paranoid families with lots of experience in alarms decided to get together and build a collaborative community into which people move their houses? There would be constant improvements to the security systems that would work with the flow of criminal activity, and everyone would have access to the most impregnable technology as and when it became available because the alarms would be connected through and across the entire community. That’s how cloud technology protects smaller businesses, it moves their data under the protective umbrella of the hosting company, giving participating businesses automatic access to their constant protection. According to the FBI, just one scam has caused a collective loss of $5.3 billion since 2013, most of it came out of the pockets of small to medium businesses, and that’s just one fraudulent idea. Nothing’s ever really going to be 100% secure, there’s always a risk attached to everything in life. But there is safety in numbers.

Operations Run Smoothly

Traditionally, with software that is bought outright and implemented into the company’s physical infrastructure rather than subscribed to, any technical issue requires either long periods of waiting and repetitive requests for assistance from the provider or worse, the need to learn how to configure and fix an entire system. Often, operational issues are merely the result of a small misunderstanding, but project managers are expected to spend hours alone learning and testing a huge complicated software to figure out one issue when someone probably could have just answered their question and saved time and stress. With software like Procim, part of the business model is constant support and debugging, so that all the technical operations are done for the businesses. Since the cloud can be configured by your remote provider, all the technical issues are either resolved for you or with you, leaving your tech team to innovate and move the company forward rather than constantly having to help everyone with software issues.

Enhanced Growth Potential

The right providers use cloud based technology to accommodate growth that works with the company. Moving away from static downloaded systems and into a constantly evolving global platform allows businesses, regardless of size, to move from the physical into a far reaching scalable community. For example, when using Procim companies can easily begin budgeting in any currency; employees can enter the budget into the system in a currency of their choice and Procim will automatically convert the amounts into base currency. This means taking on projects in other countries no longer requires huge shifts, and businesses can expand globally a lot faster. People in different parts of the world are able to work on the same projects on the same platform within minutes of one another. The software adapts to the current situation because it’s online and is hosted by the providers, leaving businesses with the freedom to move in whichever direction they like without having to worry about administrative limitations.

Put your budgeting on the cloud today and revolutionise your business.

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