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Why your Freelancer’s Values Matter

Event management can be a surprisingly high-risk industry. The core nature of event planning involves long periods of preparation with a couple of pivotal days at the end. As with any other high-risk environment you need to trust your supporting players.

A shared understanding amongst team members goes a long way in the success of an event. A project co-ordinator who values conscientiousness and discipline is going to have a very different effect on an event when compared to a co-ordinator who values openness and creativity. Both have their qualities and benefits, but each will impact the event in their own unique way.

Properly analysing and evaluating a freelancer’s values before you hire them will give you the strength to know how to use that freelancer in a way that’s going to provide maximum benefit to the event. You’ll be better equipped to plan the best work breakdown structure if you understand everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. For example, a freelance co-ordinator who values organisation could be asked to look over the planned day of timetable to give an opinion, whereas a freelance co-ordinator who values innovation could be asked to look at the creative elements of the event.

One of San Tzu’s 5 essentials for victory is “[h]e will win whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout all its ranks”. To win at event planning, you need your team to be as dedicated to the end goal as you are, at least while they’re on the clock. Hiring can be a tedious process, but so is paying through the nose for a freelancer who overspends indiscriminately or is really sweet but can’t do the job. Not selecting freelancers with careful attention to their values is just subjecting yourself to more stress later.

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